Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A brand new day...

We started this in August of 2013 but neither were truly ready - in some cases not able - to start and work towards the results.

Last November I began to wean myself back into exercise.  I found that I loved it.  Really!!  All of my old dancer muscle memory began to re-emerge.  I took the plunge and hired a trainer.  I love my trainer.

Good food and exercise shed 26 pounds of fat and I found myself size shrinking, too.

A back injury later, I could not exercise for about 6 weeks.  In that time, 10 pounds found their way back to me.  Despite joining Weight Watchers and despite what I knew about nutrition at this point, my center of discipline had evaporated when the exercise went away.

Rehabbed and ready to go, I have returned to the gym and also to a Couch to 5K program.  I've always wanted to run but it seemed so daunting.

Here's the lesson for me.  If I lose one point of discipline (routine), I want to find ways to keep the other healthy disciplines moving forward.  A vacation that takes me off of food plan, is augmented with more walking or pool aerobics.  A back injury means vigilance around nutrition.

I'm worth it.

Oh, by the way....sister is down close to 70 pounds since April!

We've got this.