Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More on Promises to Self

Boy, do I struggle with this.  And I want to be noble and say that it's because I spend all my time and attention on OTHERS and the consequence is a neglect of ME.  That is not the truth.  It's time to take the blinders off to that victim excuse.

As a matter of fact, I could easily choose to make one or two small moves that would help me to keep promises with myself.  What I choose to do instead is find some noble reason (excuse) to not do what I say I'm going to do in the first place!  Again, I'm reminded of what I teach others - small steps in the right direction that answer the "who and what by when" questions.

Since it is so easy for me to slide with food and exercise and since that slide makes it easy to not trust myself to keep my word, I decided to take another baby step to help develop discipline.  I've made a promise - that I have kept completely thus far - to write at least one page every morning.  This guarantees me 15 minutes to focus completely on ME.  A cup of coffee accompanies my journal (and I frequently write of my gratitude for coffee) and I have a favorite pen.  I just write - whatever comes up - without judgment.  Much like I'd like to live my life - living how spirit moves me without judgment.  I frequently write about what I'm grateful for...that sets a wonderful tone for the day.  I'm gentler with myself and others and, funny thing, I'm also keeping other commitments with less effort.

Kathleen, we need to be gentle with ourselves and love ourselves because we really are WONDERFUL WOMEN.  I think when I know that about myself, the rest of the self care will fall into line.

Learning to fall in love with myself all over again.

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