Monday, October 14, 2013

Commitments to Myself

This has been a wild 2 months with tons of travel, kids going off to college and moving from my home of twenty-one years.

I've given myself passes on self care and today I'm paying for it.  I'm sluggish, exhausted, allergy-drained and just as heavy and unhealthy as I was when I first made all of those promises to myself.

Therin lies the rub...promises to the self.  I teach my leadership students that keeping commitments to the self is the fastest way to learn how to keep promises and agreements with others.  We must first trust the self.  And yet I am like so many who want to tend to the needs of others first - it seems so much more noble somehow.

Fact of the matter....I don't want the last half (third?) of my life to be spent in health crisis and I need to put my time and my energy where my mouth is.  I need to take off the hero cape and stop singing the victim's siren song.  Create the plan (set the foundation) and then make one single decision and take one single step at a time (trust actions).  Baby steps in self trust.  Baby steps lead to giant leaps.

I don't feel well.  I want to feel well.  What am I willing to do about it?

Green juice this morning.  My purifed water next to me.  Baby steps. 

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