Saturday, September 7, 2013

Plateau is not just a place

The dictionary's first definition of plateau says "an area of high flat land; a mountain with a wide, flat top."  But a plateau is not just an area of land, it is an experience, a phenomenon, a point to forge ahead or turn back.

I'm choosing to forge ahead.

I've been plateauing or see-sawing for over two weeks now.  Up a pound or two, down a pound or two.  Eating well, not eating well.

First set back - my juicer died.  I ordered another the same day, but it took over 10 days to arrive.  I washed and set it up.  Prepped all the fruits and vegetables I had on hand.  Juiced for the first time in almost two weeks on Thursday.  Missed Friday.

Time to start anew on the daily juicing - TODAY!

Second set back - exhaustion, mostly caused by a ramp up on the job and needier folks at home.  It's been difficult to set aside prep and cook time.  We've had a few too many days of fast food and pizza, not to mention strudels for dessert.

Third (possible) set back - allergy season has started.  No time to get over the over-doing exhaustion before the sinus pressure, sore throat, nasal drip induced-coughing and poor sleep exhaustion begins. 

BUT, this third one I can see approaching, so I need to plan my attack NOW so it doesn't take me down.

I find the ladies in my care are another challenge right now.  Having to constantly explain what I'm eating and why is wearing on me.  I offer ice cream as their nightly treat and I have grapes.  I have to explain why for the 10 minutes it takes to consume these treats!  Same deal with muffins (I don't eat) or sandwiches (when I choose a salad over the two slices of bread).  It feels like I am on display, or in an interactive play where I am the star and they are the questioning audience. 

Getting over this will be the only way to continue on my healthful journey.

Good points - I am still 100% soda free!  I physically feel thinner than the scale has measured me (242 lbs this morning).  I'm aware of the pitfalls around me and will work to overcome them.

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