Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's in a Number?

When I started this journey a few weeks ago, I stepped on my scale and recorded the number.  I wanted to track my progress in the weight loss prong of this multi-prong adventure.

However, I have determined my scale is not to be trusted.  I tested the scale one day.  I recorded my weight three different times.  Each number was different!  I have no idea if the original figure recorded was even correct.  It could have been higher (probable) or lower (not as probable).

This lack of accuracy was confirmed yesterday at the doctor's office.  In the triage room, the digital scale said 3 lbs MORE than my home scale.  Then we went into the examining room, where the old balance scale resided.  I stepped on it.  It registered one pound LESS than the digital scale.  I lost one pound in the space of a doorway?  I don't think so.

Same day.  Three different scales.  Three different numbers.  Scales cannot be trusted and should not be the arbiter of my success.

  • How I feel  - (I feel better!)
  • How my clothes fit (some are looser; some, that were snug, fit fine now);
  • How successful I have been following the proper selections for meals and snacks;
  • The average of three tries on the scale 
                         ---- these will be my measuring tools.

You see the scale is still there, right?.  I can't bring myself to toss the scale completely.  I do want to know the approximate amount of weight I shed by the time my physical goal is met.  However, I will not rely on that as an exact measure of success or even the major measure of success.  I will not let the number derail me if it isn't what I expect to see.  A healthy body is more than a number on the scale!

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