Saturday, August 3, 2013

Discipline - Putting Wishes Into Action

What is this about for me?

Two Sisters Living Better.....

We talk almost every day and compare notes - woes and highlights.  Invariably, many of our conversations revolve around wanting to live better, to feel better, to look better, to be fitter, to be thinner.  And we are both very intelligent about the subject, too.  We've read and experimented, facebooked and posted, juiced and weight watcher-ed.  And maybe, just maybe, we are too smart for our own good.....Smart to the point of dumb.

For me...I think it or say it and its so.  I can easily imagine it to be so and then absolve myself of the discipline of actualizing it.  The discipline is what I walk away from.

232....that's my number.  And I can't wish it away.  I can work it off - with discipline.  Discipline is not a dirty word.  As a matter of fact, I truly feel my absolute best when I'm in some sort of a discipline - a work program, preparing great food, making my bed every day, chopping vegetables, teaching.  

The real discipline I am adopting is the discipline of putting myself first and making time for myself  - having a high regard for myself.  No old religious messages about being selfish....this is lifesaving.  

So what is this about for me?  Being disciplined in my life so that I can put all my intelligence and smarts and research and experimentation to good use - caring for me.

This is us before - next year a "lighter" picture for us both.

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