Sunday, August 11, 2013


Lay's Potato Chip has a famous tagline - betcha can't eat just one

Food obsession is like that for me.  I can't eat just one sweet, salty, creamy snack type food, unless there is only one!

In more recent years, many weight reduction plans have touted - eat most things in measured quantities, portion control, you can lose weight without giving up all your favorite foods and other things with similar meanings.   You can massage that message any which way you want, it doesn't really work for me.  I am incapable of eating just 10 chips or just 2 cookies or just 2 oz of ice cream.  If the rest of the package is in my house, the temptation is difficult, if not impossible, to resist.

I have a food obsession - if it tastes good, I want to eat... ALL!

The only way to tame this obsession is to avoid the temptations completely, or as completely as possible. 

I've done really well for the most part, until this weekend.  For a house full of guests, I bought treats. To be fair to me, I bought a lot of fruit too.  The guests did not eat ALL the treats, but there is a fair dent in the volume.  I did have a brownie and a few cookies, first non-fruit sweets in 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, there are leftovers - some cookies and brownies - which I am going to hide away because I hear their siren call.  I am too early in the 'developing new habits' phase of my plan to effectively resist them without putting them in hiding where only the others in the house can find them!  I do not want to answer their call. I shall concentrate my efforts on the variety of fruits that fill my fridge!


At the end of my second week, I am still soda free.  I have had a green juice every morning.  I have been making good choices for lunch and smaller portions for dinner.  I lost 2.4 lbs for a running total of 9 lbs lost since I started Living Better!

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