Friday, August 16, 2013


In the normal progression of my previous weight loss attempts, slipping led to stopping which led to regaining weight, losing muscle and inviting a few cousins back with the returning pounds.

I've been slipping this week.  A mini donut here.  No green juice there.  Sub sandwich with Mom and Aunt instead of making my salad.  (to give myself a little grace, Mom and Aunt bug the heck out of me when I don't eat what they are eating... seeming not to understand my current regimen).

I am realigning my thinking and pushing through this slippage to get back to my plan.

Problem:  I missed juicing three mornings this week.

Solution: I want fresh juice, but I may have to sacrifice the morning freshness for juicing the night before so the juice is available in the morning.

Problem:  I brought breakfast and lunch to work the two days I drove into the office this week.  I forgot the dressing for the salad on Thursday, so I bought a deli sandwich.

Solution:  I need to buy some bottles to take to work so I have my dressing on site in case I forget again.

Problem:  Easy access to tempting treats.

Solution:  There is no easy solution to this.  I really just need to set my mind to avoiding them, even though they are in plain site.  Most of those nibbles have been mindless, 'because they are there' nibbles, not because I was hungry.

I believe it is time to work on the Spiritual to help me get back on and keeping going with the Physical improvement .

I read a book a while ago, The Prayer Diet by Matthew Anderson, D.Min.  I have dusted it and will re-read it.  I remember a daily prayer is included.  Flipping through to find it, I see the book says to pray the prayer at least three times a day.

Dear God,
I surrender my body and my weight loss to your divine care and love.
I ask that you remove all excess and unnecessary weight from my body.
Return my body to its most healthy and balanced state.
Give me eating habits that support my health and life energy.
And, finally, teach me to love my body and to care for it from this day forth.
  -- The Prayer Diet, Anderson, p. 78 (2001)

Flipping through to find the prayer, I noticed there are little prayers and affirmations sprinkled through out the book.  Reading it will give me a boost!  I pray it will be the boost I need!


My nibbling and a couple of unhealthy food choices this week sent the scale slightly back.  I gained one, my total loss to date is 8 lbs, instead of 9.  I have continued to drink water, homemade vitamin water and herbal teas and have not had any diet soda.  The majority of my meals were healthy.  I juiced 4 of 7 days.

Time to get back in the groove and out of the ditch I pitched myself in!  Onward to a slimmer and healthier me!

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